Mind, body, and soul

I went on a trip of sorts this weekend. Got to think over a lot of things, ranging from family to sustainability to goals, etc. One topic I mulled over that I’d like to share has to do with this trichotomy of mind, body, and soul.

I realized that everything made possible for my mind and soul really stems from my body, which I never pay attention to and never really appreciate. My body takes me on adventures, helps me taste great food, hear beautiful music, and dance to my heart’s content. I realized that I never just sit down and tell my body “thank you” for putting up with all the crap I put it through – late nights, unbalanced diets, intense workouts, among the myriad of other things. I pay so much attention to my mind, that I’ve neglected to properly care for my body. Sure, I try to eat as much vegetables as I can, sleep as much as I could, and workout regularly; but I never mindfully show my appreciation to my body for all that it’s done for me.

So during those moments of reflection, I told my body a very heartfelt thank you. I thanked her for allowing me – this selfish, compulsive mind – to put her through all the trials and tribulations known to a young adult in New York City. I thanked her for giving me the opportunity to go along this journey and for never giving up on me. I thanked her for acting as the vessel for all my adventures in my life, and for always doing her best.

Here’s to mind, body, and soul – thank you each for doing your part.

What I’m listening to

Been listening to this one on repeat recently. The chorus is lovely – “You could put an ocean between our love, love, love // It won’t keep us apart.”

I think the reason why I’m so disappointed by the goings-on of everyday life is because of the beauty that exists and is made possible by music like this. Daily life is so ugly, selfish, and ignorant compared to what could be – an Ocean of love and light.

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