I’ve been reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and one insight of his really stood out to me today:

“Yet deep down they know they are avoiding something important. That’s the most common form of laziness: laziness by staying busy.” – Robert Kiyosaki

This really struck a cord with me, because I realized that the reason why I keep myself so “busy” all the time (errand here, appointment there, etc.) is because I use busy-ness to distract me from things I really should be focusing on.

I felt this really strongly today, when I looked at my calendar for the weekend. There are no plans for my Friday night – no dinner planned, no outing penciled down – and this terrifies me. It terrifies me because I have to face the reality that I:

  • Lack those kinds of secure friendships in New York where I can just casually grab a bite on a Friday night without planning in advance
  • Will progressively see more and more lonely Fridays as more and more friends grow up, get coupled up, and move away
  • Still haven’t figured out what my “greater goal in life” is, hence just squandering the free time that could be spent on these endaevors

I’m getting restless from the repetition of daily life here in New York. I’m sick of planning for the same things week after week, seeing the same shows, and watching as my life speeds past me. My quotidian busy-ness is simply veiled laziness – veiling my inability to get my actual shit together.

So yeah. Tomorrow – no plans. Friday night. Let’s get some shit together.

What I’m listening to…

This was one of the earliest dance music songs I fell in love with, back in ’14. I think I stumbled upon it through Majestic Casual, or some other music curation channel on Soundcloud. Still as haunting as the first time I heard it.

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