We get what we wish for

… but never exactly as we had imagined.

As I reflect back on the years past, I realized that I am living the dream. I am doing the job I had always thought I wanted to do, settled in the city I had always wanted to live in, and living the bougie lifestyle I had never imagined possible. Yes, the career isn’t perfect. Yes, my life in New York is missing something very important. And yes, I’m not experiencing all the bougie things I wanted to do…

… But somehow, I’m where I thought I wanted to be.

And that gives me hope – that I can eventually get to my happy place. And it gives me a reason to be grateful for every day I get to experience this life, for it used to be only a dream.

What I’m listening to…

Nora En Pure killed it at Panorama NYC 2018. Nora’s set started shortly after The Killers started playing, and boy am I glad that I was one of the minority of people who went to The Pavilion stage. It was a beautiful ending to my night.

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