An Ideal Life

This weekend I was en route to the Brooklyn Mirage with a friend in an Uber when we started chatting about our ideal lives. I realized that, recently, I haven’t been thinking about the end game. I forgot the importance of needing to imagine (lots, and lots of times) that vivid ideal life in order to steer my world towards it.

What is my ideal life? When I was asked that, I actually had to pause and think about it for a second. I want my life to be a constant adventure, where there’s something new to explore and learn all the time. I want to be able to share the most magical moments with my partner in life. I want to build something to call my own, and to be proud of what I can bring to the world. And of course, I imagine my life with lots of water bungalows, sand, and sun.

I want a spectacular life.

Has it been spectacular these days? I wouldn’t say so. How do I get there? I don’t know, but the best thing I can do right now is take it one step at a time, the sun in my eyes.

What I’m listening to…

I’ve been listening to a lot of Shallou lately. When I first heard “Lie,” I think I played it on repeat 10 times. No jokes. It’s something about the chorus – “you lie, lie, lie to me, keep saying I’m your everything” – that really drew me to this song.

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