2018: Putting things in motion

I had an interesting conversation over brunch the other day with my good friends from graduate school at High Street on Hudson. We were talking about journaling and its role in helping us archive our accomplishments and set our goals, as well as how bloggers make use of this craft in their own ways for public consumption. Some bloggers we chatted about were Tim Ferris (serial entrepreneur and digital nomad) and Joe Sparano (designer who uses his blog as a public journal). It got me thinking about this blog (and all of my online presence, really), and my struggles with developing an angle. I realized that the reason why I find my own writing boring is that I lack a perspective – a unique angle – for presenting my story.

Yeah, yeah – I post a nice photo here and there, and I talk about doing X, Y, Z here and there… but none of it is interesting. Even if the subject matter is interesting, the delivery is absolutely predictable. I think I had been too boxed in, mentally, by the likes of lifestyle and fashion bloggers like Song of Style, Wendy’s Lookbook, and Fashiontoast. Their angle is the glitz, the glamor, the beautiful places they go, and the beautiful people they are. I don’t have any of that, so why have I been vying for that angle?

So, what’s my angle?

I don’t know.

I have a few things on my mind, but I don’t know how well they’ll work until after I give them a try. Two off the top of my mind are:

1 \\ Use this blog as a space to document great customer experiences (from the customer POV, duh) that are seriously ah-hah! moments.

One example from a recent encounter was from Eleven Madison Park, where they gave us our personalized menus in a tin can as well as a jar of delicious granola at the end of our dining experience. I likened the granola as an extension of the in-house dining experience, but prolonged over a number of days. Good one!

2 \\ Use this blog to document my progress towards 12-week goals in 2018.

In 2017, I read a shittonne of self-help books (don’t believe me? Check out my Goodreads profile) which included The Power of Habit, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, as well as The 12 Week Year. Something Tim Ferris said in his most recent podcast stuck with me – read things that are time sensitive, not just in case. What’s the use of reading all those self-help books if I don’t actively try to make use of them? There’s no better time than now, at the beginning of a new year!

So anyway…

I learned a lot during 2017, and I’m hoping to make use of those learnings in 2018. A few of those learnings are:

1 \\ I got round.

Seriously – I’m the heaviest I’d ever been, and it’s due to a combination of moving back to New York and my new job. I’ve already set in motion a 12-week challenge to get myself down to my target weight. More on that later.

2 \\ I got boring.

Okay, interestingness (is that even a word??) is in the eye of the beholder, but I find myself settling into a routine in which I find myself just going through with the motions. I want more spazz! I want more excitement!! I also noticed that if I want to be successful at dating, I’d have to want to date myself first. I wouldn’t want to date a boring person, and neither would my future partner!

3 \\ I don’t know why I’m not happier.

I’m in my dream city, with the job I’d thought I always wanted, living the life that I thought would make me happy. But I am not as happy as I thought I’d be. There’s something missing,

4 \\ I need to stand my ground & take initiative.

I also realized that in my former life… a lot of the time I just let other people decide for me. I let other people decide if we’ll be going to a show, if we’re going to a festival, if we’ll be meeting at a certain time, etc. I didn’t protect my time, and I didn’t protect my interests. I had thought that being agreeable was more important than actually choosing what’s best for me, which I think is biting me in the butt.

5 \\ I need to choose my priority [not a typo!].

There is no such thing as “priorities,” because priority literally means the single most important. I’ve been unfocused, unsure, and just pulled in way too many directions. I’m talking not only in terms of my professional development, but personally and socially as well. I need to decide what I want – how do I want to create value? Who do I want to spend time with? What value drives me?

And in conclusion…

One thing is for sure this year – I’m going to accomplish things, and accomplish them I will.

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